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季節のベジタリアンプレート (8月24日より)

By 2017/08/25 16:53

Lunch 11:30 ~ 14:00
◆ ベジタリアンプレート  単品 1150yen


ごはん大盛り  + 50yen
大豆バーグのせ + 250yen
はちみつ漬梅干 + 50yen

◆ Vegetarian Plate  1150yen

・Corn croquette & pumpkin cutlet
・Simple salad with carrot and dressing of ginger
・Galatin noodles and bittersweet stir-fry of eggplant and gohyah
・The cucumber mixed with olive oil and lemon
・The cabbage marinated with maple syrup and mustard
・Tomato and celery soup 
・Organic brown rice

large rice +50yen
Soy beans patty +250yen
honey plum + 50yen

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